Dust settles but I don't !!!

I attained happiness! And you can too!


To my surprise, I have been happy and satisfied of late. Before, I used to focus on all the negative outcomes and worry about almost everything. This made me sad and frustrated with my life. I used to seek validation for everything I do, which always ended me with feeling miserable. I had started thinking I may not be enough. Last year I started reading big-time and, discussing my feelings with different people. Contemplating on everything I learn. Amid this process, I had started focusing on positive energy and started being happy. Next I started noticing, and noting the things that were making me happy and positive. Furthermore, I started talking to my friends and started sharing the ideology. Seeing people around me happy with this new ideology and attitude, I became even more positive and motivated. Ergo, I decided to write this article and share my way of thinking with everyone.

Based on my study, I found as the first step towards positivism is realization. You must first realize the state you are in. It is effortless, take 5 minutes off, sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Deeply inhale and exhale and focus on breathing. Once you are truly focused on your breathing, observe yourself via third-persons' eyes. Reflect on all the people surrounding you, and all the good things you have in life. Now one by one start being appreciative to all the people and things by focusing only on the good and positive memories.

Yes appreciation !

Once you start appreciating everyone and everything, then you will know true happiness.

They have invested a lot of their time, money, and effort on you. Take a time to think about it and realize the positive energy that you have been receiving. Let it flow through you, let it touch you and appreciate it. It will not only make another person appreciated and happy but also will make you ecstatic. Once you start appreciating everyone and everything, then you will know true happiness.

No Validation !

You will never grow if you keep on seeking validation !

Stop, seeking for validation! This is the next big thing that I found limits everyone from obtaining a complete happiness. You have your life, and you have your problems, you have to fight for them in your own way. Do not waste your energy to think about what others think of you. Focus on your goals and complete them. Defeat your enemy with your victory. How hard you try, how big you win, there always will be the people to criticize you. People will always find a fault in you. So, stop pleasing and putting effort on those people. You will never grow if you keep on seeking validation, I am telling this from my own experience. Rather focus on the positivity that you have created and the people you have helped. This will help you focus on positive energy and forget the validation seeking.

Yes Positivity !

Do not feed anyone with negativity, it will come straight back at you.

Life is too short to be negative. Do not let negativity ruin it. Fill your chakra with positivity. Love the person you are with, with a full heart. If the person deserves it, they are only going to appreciate you even more. It is simple, if you input positivity in another person you will receive positivity in return. Most people deceive themselves saying “this is me I am not gonna change or I have my own sh** to deal with.” Life doesn't work like that, people do change based on how you treat them. Everyone reacts to love. People change based on their surroundings and the energy they receive from their loved ones. So, give positive energy to everyone around you. Their life will head towards positivity; their life will be better. This for sure results you being full of even more positive energy. Do not feed anyone with negativity, it will come straight back at you.

In case if you do not receive positivity in return, bid them a nice Sayonara but please do not hurt them. The worst thing a person can do is to hurt another. They will for certain realize the positivity of you later on their life and will thank you for that. It is your precious life do not stain your chakra by hurting someone. Love everyone dearly, be honest and above all “Be The Wise One.”