Dust settles but I don't !!!

The first post: Courage

For the last five years, in one way or another, I always wanted to have a blog to share my views and thoughts. I have created lots of views, writings in the past but never stuck with them because I had no idea with what I was doing. My thoughts, views, and writings were random and this made me feel embarrassed that my family and friends will not acknowledge'em. Now after all these years of traveling, interacting with people, and reading blogs, stories, and books; I finally have accumulated the courage to write my thoughts. I wish I would have started earlier but there is no point on lingering to past, I am happy I started now. This very first post to this site is a celebration of my courage for finally starting a blog. 

As from today, I will be blogging my thoughts, views, and tips. I will be writing an article when a new thought or a knowledge sparks within me, so I can't promise for regular blogging but will try to be as regular as I can. Hope the content of this blog will resonate with you. Please feel free to contact me with your agreement or disagreement, I am all ears.